Exploring the Stellar Cast of “Roman Empire” on Netflix


“Roman Empire,” the historical documentary series on Netflix, has captivated viewers with its gripping narratives and stunning visual recreations of ancient Rome. Behind the show’s success is a talented cast that brings historical figures to life. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the cast of “Roman Empire” and the characters they portray in this engaging series.

Aaron Jakubenko as Commodus

Aaron Jakubenko takes on the role of Commodus, one of the most infamous Roman emperors. Commodus, known for his erratic behavior and gladiatorial exploits, is a central figure in the series. Jakubenko’s portrayal captures the complexity of this character.

Sean Bean as Narrator

Renowned actor Sean Bean lends his distinctive voice to “Roman Empire” as the narrator. His commanding narration guides viewers through the events and intrigues of ancient Rome, adding depth and gravitas to the storytelling.

Calum Gittins as Young Commodus

Calum Gittins portrays the younger version of Commodus, providing insight into the emperor’s early life and the influences that shaped his character. His performance helps viewers understand the origins of Commodus’ later actions.

Aaron Irvin as Young Lucius Verus

Aaron Irvin plays the role of young Lucius Verus, who would later become co-emperor with Marcus Aurelius. Irvin’s portrayal contributes to the exploration of the relationship between Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius.

Ella Becroft as Young Faustina

Ella Becroft takes on the role of young Faustina, the future empress and wife of Marcus Aurelius. Her character’s early years and experiences are vital to the series’ narrative.

Lisa Chappell as Faustina the Elder

Lisa Chappell portrays Faustina the Elder, the mother of Marcus Aurelius and wife of Antoninus Pius. Her character’s influence on the Roman Empire and her family’s dynamics are central to the story.

Genevieve Aitken as Lucilla

Genevieve Aitken plays Lucilla, the daughter of Marcus Aurelius and sister of Commodus. Lucilla’s complex relationship with her family and her role in the political intrigues of the time are explored in the series.

Roman Leaders and Intrigue

The cast of “Roman Empire” skillfully brings to life the historical figures who shaped the destiny of ancient Rome. Their performances, combined with the series’ compelling storytelling, offer viewers a glimpse into the lives and intrigues of Roman emperors, empresses, and other key figures.

“Roman Empire” on Netflix offers a captivating journey into the history of ancient Rome, made all the more engaging by the talented cast that portrays its historical figures. With Aaron Jakubenko as Commodus, Sean Bean as the narrator, and other skilled actors in key roles, the series provides a rich and immersive experience for history enthusiasts and viewers intrigued by the Roman Empire’s rise and fall. Explore the world of ancient Rome through the eyes of these talented performers in this acclaimed documentary series.


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