High-Risk Car Insurance Companies: Finding Coverage When You Need It


Securing car insurance can be challenging if you’re considered a high-risk driver. High-risk drivers may have a history of accidents, traffic violations, or other factors that make them riskier to insure. In this article, we’ll explore high-risk car insurance, the companies that specialize in providing coverage to high-risk drivers, and tips for finding the right insurance for your needs.

Understanding High-Risk Car Insurance

High-risk car insurance, often referred to as non-standard auto insurance, is designed for drivers who face difficulties obtaining coverage through standard insurance companies. These drivers may include:

  • Newly Licensed Drivers: Inexperienced drivers, such as teenagers, are often considered high-risk due to their limited driving history.
  • Drivers with DUIs: Those with a history of driving under the influence (DUI) convictions are typically labeled high-risk.
  • Drivers with Multiple Accidents or Violations: If you have a record of accidents or multiple traffic violations, insurers may classify you as high-risk.
  • Drivers with Poor Credit: Some insurers consider credit history when determining risk, so those with poor credit may be deemed high-risk.

High-Risk Car Insurance Companies

Several insurance companies specialize in providing coverage to high-risk drivers. While the availability of these companies may vary by location, some well-known high-risk car insurance providers include:

  • The General: The General is known for offering insurance to drivers with less-than-perfect records, including those with accidents or violations.
  • Dairyland: Dairyland focuses on providing coverage to high-risk drivers, including those with SR-22 requirements.
  • Direct Auto: Direct Auto specializes in non-standard auto insurance and serves high-risk drivers across the United States.
  • Infinity: Infinity offers insurance options for drivers with various risk factors, including those with DUIs or accidents on their records.

Tips for Finding High-Risk Car Insurance

  1. Compare Multiple Quotes: Obtain quotes from several high-risk car insurance companies to compare rates and coverage options.
  2. Consider Independent Agents: Independent insurance agents can help you find the best high-risk car insurance policy by offering multiple options from different providers.
  3. Improve Your Driving Record: Work on improving your driving record by practicing safe driving habits and completing defensive driving courses. Over time, this can lead to lower insurance rates.
  4. Explore Discounts: Inquire about available discounts, such as safe driver discounts or multi-policy discounts if you bundle your car insurance with other policies.
  5. Maintain Continuous Coverage: Maintaining continuous car insurance coverage, even if it’s high-risk coverage, can help establish a positive insurance history.
  6. Look for SR-22 Coverage: If you require an SR-22 form, ensure that the high-risk insurance company you choose offers this service.
  7. Reevaluate Your Coverage Needs: Periodically review your coverage needs and adjust your policy as your risk profile changes.

High-risk car insurance companies cater to drivers facing challenges in obtaining coverage through standard insurers. While high-risk insurance may be more expensive, it’s essential to maintain coverage to comply with legal requirements and protect yourself financially. By comparing quotes, exploring options, and working on improving your driving record, you can find the right high-risk car insurance coverage that meets your needs.


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